Monday, July 6, 2009

homeschool day 1

Things are going very well today! Minus one thing - I gave David too much work. Didn't realize how much is in a lesson! He got a little overwhelmed with Math so I am planning on cutting back on how much work I give him. He's almost done with all his work for today though so that's good :) Dano READ his first small story in his Hooked On Phonics work book! Oh my stars that was really neat! He was very excited. I think he will do great at homeschool. He just needs constant positive reinforcement. It gets a bit wearing, but if it keeps him excited and moving forward I'm all about it. So today is a good day.

On another note Scott called and found out we've paid off our car! Yay!! We thought we had one more payment left but apparently we do not :) SO excited about that! Neither one of us has ever not had a car payment. It allready feels free-ing to not have to write that check! We should have the title within a week. :) Too cool! We're working on getting ready to buy our first home so this is definatly a step in the right direction! Go us! :)

So how about y'all? What are you up to today?

I think swimming is in our future... our very near future. :) Like... after naptime future. :)