Monday, November 26, 2007

and on thursday the Lord said...

Let there be.... SNOW!!!! Oh yeah baby! Snow! And LOTS of it! What a thrilling Thanksgiving! We left town Tuesday afternoon and headed to my parents house. Only about 20 miles away, but just enough in the country to make me feel like we'd gone on a trip. We spent the few short days talking and laughing, and having a really good time! The boys were so stinkin happy to spend some time with Nana and Poppy, and after being so sick these past few weeks I was thrilled that they got to spend time with Nana and Poppy. :) It really was a geat time. Mom and I spent most of Wednesday cooking. It was so much fun spending all that time with her in the kitchen. And of course everything we made came out perfect! It was wonderful! We heated everything up Thursday morning and had an amazing lunch of turkey, moms dressin, potatoe salad, jello (for the boys), pumpkin pie, pink salad, and rolls. Oh man... it was wonderful! And then, as if all that weren't enough, God poured on the snow! And I mean POURED it ON! We got 4 inches of snow. In fact it snowed so much that I wasn't able to drive back in and see hub's family that evening. We were actually snowed in! (It was actually alternating between sleet and snow, so didn't make for good driving conditions.) So mom and I spent Thursday evening putthing up her Christmas tree and reminiscing over all the old ornaments. I had to confiscate a few of the older decorations and bring them home to put in my house. I like to think of it as saving them. :) So we got to stay another night and lemme tell ya, nothing would have made my boys happier! But I was finally able to come home on Friday and on Saturday I made our little family an after-Thanksgiving dinner that was almost as good as the first!

Fast forward to Sunday. The weather man said we were supposed to have snow Sunday morning, and lots of it. Anywhere from 4-10 inches. Well, sadly no snow. We went to church and enjoyed listening to Thanksgiving stories, and were so blessed by the sermon. Pastor really did a great job yesterday. Then we get ready to leave church and what do you know... it's raining. Not too much. So we swing through the drive thru and head home. Not 45 minutes after we get home, the rain had turned to sleet, which in turn had switched to snow! Yep, more snow! We got a good 4 hours of it and it managed to stick after a bit so we got about 2 inches here. Of course it's all melted my now, but it sure was pretty last night! All of the schools started late which gave us plenty of time to take our time getting ready this morning and enjoy the last little bit of holiday break. It has been wonderful. God is so good friends. To give us all this in the course of a week... man does He LOVE us or what! I feel so full of love and gratitude. My heart is just bursting with love for my Jesus. What an awesome, beautiful, incredibly blessed week I've been given! I think I'm gonna go sing some more praises to my Abba. Before I do, I'll leave you with some photos of our sweet Thanksgiving gift from above. Enjoy!

this is from the snow on Sunday

this is our Thanksgiving snow

and now for a few fun shots:

this is Dano in his new winter hat

and here are a few shots of our Christmas tree and some of my favorite ornaments. (our tree is usualy done in red, white, and blue. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard about that on the news... on the National News. We were at the family ranch 1/2 way between Fort Worth & Abilene, near Strawn. Cold, cold, cold. Anyways, take care!