Sunday, March 25, 2007

have you ever wondered

I've been listening to Brian Littrell's song "Wish" and it's really made me think about when Jesus was here on earth. I wonder what He was like. Did he cry much as a baby? Like in the song... Did He ever fall and scrape a knee? What kind of a child was He? I get so busy thinking of what it will be like to finally see Him, but I've never thought of what He was like as a little boy. The song talks about wishing you could be there to have seen Jesus as a boy, face to face. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to see Jesus walking around. Did the people that DID get to see Him realize who He was? Could any of them have imagined that the sweet little boy would have been the savior of the world? What must it have been like?? I can't wait to ask Him about it when I get there. Questions flood my mind at times while tears stream from my face. I am so blessed to know without a doubt that one day I will get to ask Jesus my questions. Standing in His glory is going to be so amazing. In the song he sings, "my only wish is to see you Jesus, face to face". Wow, think of the day when we'll finally see Him, face to face. I'm in awe. There are no words to even describe what it will be like. I would have loved to hear Jesus speak to the crowds, or to see Him feed the multitudes, or to witness His healing power, or to hear Him pray in the garden... It would have been amazing to witness it all. But I know God has a purpose for me missing it. Something here, something now. He's got a reason for me to be here during this time on earth and so here I am, working within His will, and feel so overwhelmingly blessed to do so. I love you Lord!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

first blog

Edit - I'm keeping this blog to remind us of the joy we had if even for a brief moment. Unfortunatly we did end up miscarrying. We know that we will move forward with our lives and will continue to pray and take comfort and rest in Gods arms. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us during this sad time. We are better for having you in our lives.
Okay so here it is, the first one. I'm not so great at blogging, but hey, it's fun to try anyway right? I'm so excited about this new pregnancy! I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl. Of course with the two boys we're definatly wanting a girl this time around! David wants a sister pretty bad too. He's so cute! He's allready put aside his Princess books (came in a set) for "her" and has said that when "she" gets here he'll go get "her" a princess doll to go with her book. He's still not able to understand that the baby won't be here for a while, and keeps asking when I'm going to go to the hospital and pick "sister" up. So cute! I told him we'll just have to wait until God is ready for us to have the baby, and then we'll bring it home. He told me he's going to be a GREAT big brother (nevermind that he's allready a big brother to Daniel). Daniel couldn't be more opposite. He's not looking forward to the baby. He said he didn't want a baby because they are yucky. :) Isn't God amazing? I just can't imagine my life without Him. Six years ago I was told I would probably never have children, that it wasn't possible. Now six years and (almost) three children later... well my advice is never give up on God. He can do anything! And the one thing we've learned for sure is that it's all on His time table, not ours. Yes there are choices we make that steer our life one way or another, and without planning I believe we are remiss in our stewardship, but remember that there is a fine line between planning, and planning God out of your life. Leave a little bouncing room in those plans. And learn from my mistake, keep those maternity pants around, you never know when you'll need them!