Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pray Ronel Home!

For many of you that follow my Facebook page you've read my please. But I want to reach out to those that read this blog too. Ernest and Debra Parker were in the process of adopting Ronel from Haiti before the quake. When the US granted Humanitarian Parole for Haitian adoptees two weeks ago, they got busy doing what needed to be done to bring Ronel home. However because he was missing some paper work, he was not able to come home when several others were. It's been heartbreaking for the Parkers. And for those of us praying, although our heartbreak pales in comparison. Last week Ernest went to Haiti with everything they needed. He's been told every day since that today will be the day they can come home. And then every night he's told maybe tomorow. For whatever reason, Unicef has gotten in the way of adoptees going out of the country. They are going around in circles and causing major problems. Ernest and Ronel have slept on the floor of the embassy for a week. Leaving without Ronel is not an option. So this is a call to arms! Raise up your arms and pray with me and several hundred other prayer warriors. Let's pray without ceasing and pray Ronel home! God is so much bigger than we can ever imagine so let's take this to Him! He is our rescuer. Our protector. Our healer. And yes, OUR SAVIOR! He comes to the rescue when we need Him, and WE NEED HIM! Please get on your knees, your face, stand and shout, raise your arms up high, do whatever you need to do to plead straight to the heart of God. Plead the Parkers case and pray pray pray with all you've got. God has radically changed my prayer life over the past several weeks. Let him change yours too! Go before the trone and stand in the gap for this family. And then watch God work, cause He's got something awesome in mind for this family. I feel it with every fiber in me. God has something BIG in store. Pray my friends. Pray Ronel home!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

words fail.

There are no words. I can't imagine what the people of Haiti are going through. Praying seems like such a small, intangible way to help, but it is all we can do so we do it. I beg you to pray as well. We know of several missionary families there in haiti who are right in the middle of the mess after the quake. Some report the ground is still shaking. Some have gone out in search of friends, workers, and loved ones only to see body after body laid out on the streets. Some have needed to buy supplies and food only to find that prices have doubled, if not more. There is minimal contact, phone lines are down, it is almost impossible to get in touch with anyone there. It seems the only way to hear news right now is through Facebook and Twitter. Through those sites we've been able to hear that everyone we know is safe. Those are only the dozen we know, there are still hundreds of thousands of people that are waiting to get in touch with their family. It is unreal. I can't begin to imagine what these people in Haiti are going through. Nor can I even begin to explain it in a way that would do it justice. What I can do is ask you to pray for these people. Please please pray for them. They will need massive help. This is one situation in which differences need to put aside and people need to come together and just help. Just love on these people and HELP them. We can't jump on a plane and get there ASAP, but we can come together as brothers and sisters in Christ and PRAY. Some can help financially and I'll leave some links to where you can do that, but the biggest way to help right now other than money is prayer. Lift these people up before the throne. The need is massive but so is God. He can take this situation and turn it for His good and I know He will. Please don't passively read this, please actively kneel and pray for these people. God is calling us to Him, stand in the gap and come before Him for these people.

I will be editing below and adding links of where you can find information on Haiti and information on donations.

Real Hope For Haiti - We first heard of the Rescue Center through Debra and our hearts have been captured by them every since then. The work they do in His name is amazing. Currently they are sleeping outdoors because their clinic/center building is cracked. 70 children sleeping outside. Praise God they are all safe and okay! Please follow Licia's blog and pray for them. Please also keep Debra and her family in your prayers as they are adopting a little boy, Ronel, from Haiti who stays at the Rescue Center. You can also mail a check to this address:
RHFH, PO Box 23, Elwood IN 46036

Help Haiti T-Shirts
- Aaron and Jamie Ivey are a couple we also found through Debra. Their adoption journey has touched our hearts and we have followed their story and prayed for them for several years. Currently they are adopting a little boy Amos who is at the Rescue Center. Click the link above if you'd like to purchase a Help Haiti t-shirt. All the proceeds will go to Haiti.

The Livesay Family story on
Livesay Blog - Troy and Tara are missionaries to Haiti. Over the past few days they have been working non-stop trying to find people in Haiti. You can follow Troy on Twitter and their blog.

The Livesay's also work with two other ministries who need prayers and financial support. They are Heartline Ministries and World Wide Village.

Send Relief $ via Text Messaging - You can send $10 of relief money through your cellular phone by texting, the charge will come on your next cell phone bill - if you have this # please post it in the comments, I am working on finding the right one. ** Edit - I believe you text Haiti to 90999 to donate to the Red Cross. Someone please post the correct # if I am wrong.

Debra and Ernest on their local news channel

The Ivey family on thier local news channel

I am working on more links, will edit as I get them.