Wednesday, May 30, 2007

busy day

I am worn out. Flat worn out. I'm so tired it's actually taking effort to raise my wrists high enough to type on they keyboard. We've had such a fun day today! I took the boys to the zoo this morning where we spent 2 hours ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over all the animals. It was GREAT weather and we had a blast! We went ahead and bought the family membership, which if you have small small children who love to go to the zoo several times a year, I highly recommend it! You'll save yourself a LOT of money. Anyway, so now the boys are thrilled that they can go to the zoo as much as they want. We're planning on going with a few friends next week to have a picnic there at the zoo. My boys are animal LOVERS! They love feeding the giraffe. This time David let it lick his hand before giving it the crackers. That was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. All the "ewwwwwww GROSS!" screams were quickly followed by "I wanna do that again!" It was really neat to see them having such a great time. This is the first time we've gone without the stroller and wow, Daniel LOVED his new found freedom! He still stayed close but he really enjoyed not being strapped in. Then we swung by Sonic and ate lunch while making funny faces at Daddy (who never saw them). And after a shorter than short nap the boys bugged me and bugged me to go swimming. Our apartments opened the pool last week and they've wanted to go ever since. I was worried the water would be too cold for them. Two and a half hours later we came dragging into the house, literally dragging, more tired than we've been in a while. I'm not sure cramming swimming and the zoo into one day was a great idea, but it was the funnest day we've had in a loooooooong time and the boys needed a day full of fun fun fun. The best part was that we stayed so busy and worked every fun minute of the day, that they never got in trouble. We had such a peaceful fun day. I know it came straight from Gods hand. He knows what we need before we even ask. I'm so grateful for the peaceful day I've had with my boys. Today was a breath of fresh air and believe me, I've been praising God for it all day. It's awesome to see the boys faces light up with joy and they could have lit a dark world today. We even got to see some of our friends from church at the pool! We're going to top our day off with some pizza and Dr. Pepper for dinner. Is God great or what?

Here are some pictures from our trip to the zoo.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


God is awesome! He's working out some awesome things in my life and bringing me more at peace with these new steps each day. To see Him work and feel His love... it's an indescribable feeling that I just have to share! I have been writing like a mad woman, scribbling out the devotions God puts before me to write. Although I'm not quiet sure how good my writing is, the lessons God is teaching me while writing are well worth the sore wrist! I'm just so excited to be writing this book and to be working so hard towards this goal that last year I was sooooo apprehensive about. The sage advice that several of my closest and smartest friends gave me has become true. God will equip you for the job He sets before you. The trick is, you have to be willing to be used by Him for whatever He's got before He'll show you the path. He wants the sacrifice of ego. No dipping the toes to "test" God's waters. He wants you jumping in, head under, full fledged into His will. You take that step and you'll never regret it! Take it from me. Last year I was fighting God tooth and nail saying I was NOT capable of writing a devotion let alone a BOOK of them, and this year I've written 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) devotions that will go into my book. A milestone for me! All it took was getting over myself and my own feelings of inadequacy, and getting into the loving arms of God and saying, Okay. Take the lead Lord. I'm all in. My challenge to you? Do it. Whatever He's wrestling with you to do, be all in. Dive. Take the plunge. Do it. You'll never regret it!

Friday, May 25, 2007

check it out!

Okay folks, head on over here to enter a fun fun fun contest! And check out some of what you could win here . Looks like a fun way to win some new jewlery! I love this stuff!

the "official" last day

So today was David's "official" last day of school. For some reason Texas state law says that Pre-K kids MUST show up for school today. So his teacher told us to just come in, pick up the report card and then we could go home. Their early out is at 10:00 a.m. and they don't start lessons till 9:00 a.m. so there really wasn't much point in sticking around today. So we went for our 10 minutes. Said goodbye to all the amazing moms that I have had the blessing to meet and work with this year, and David said goodbye to his friends. It was really cute. Since everything is come and go today, there were only a few others in the class room so we were able to have more of a personal goodbye with Davids teacher and best friends. We exchanged phone numbers and will have a few play dates this summer. It was all very very sweet. Yes, I cried. This has been the most amazing year for David. He went from being such a shy little boy to a little boy who has grown into his own "boy-hood". He's messy, loud, talks ALL the time, and I love it! He is not the same boy he was when he started this school year. It has been so neat to watch him grow so much. I am so proud of my sweet boy! So to celebrate this momentous occasion what did my sweet want for breakfast?? Spider-Man donuts from our local donut shop. We drove across town to find the ONE and only store that sells them and I quickly bought up the last four they had. David has never felt more special. The giant grin on his face alone was worth the drive across town. In case you've never had this delicious treat, a spider man donut is a regular donut with blue icing and a red icing web drawn on top. But to my boys it's one of life's greatest treasures. It may be silly but getting these donuts made me think about God's love this morning. To the outside world we may be just another donut. Run of the mill, normal, maybe a little weird, but normal people. To God however each of us is one of His greatest treasures. He took such care in forming us, creating us, knowing us before our own mothers knew us. He put ever hair on our heads and fashioned every unique detail. Some of us have red icing, some blue, some yellow, some chocolate (Yum!), but each of us was created and are loved as though we are of the finest ingredients. God loves us folks. So today, I proudly claim my donut-ness. I like to think I'm one of those donuts that has chocolate icing and then that yummy pink fuzzy coconut stuff on top. Smooth underneath with a funky side to me! What kind of donut are you?? Think about it and get back to me. And remember sisters, you ARE one of God's most tasty treasures.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

the amazing spewing tomatoe

So tonight we took the boys for the very first time inside Pizza Hut. We had some free buffett coupons so we thought we'd try out the buffett. I had high hopes for the boys first time inside the restraunt, unfortunatly I did not take into account all the bottled up, rainy day energy. My goodness. It was like a cat on speed. One would begin laughing hysterically at whatever he saw on t.v. while the other took center stage and began reciting every memorized line of Shrek. No need to point out which child did what because pretty soon they switched. So we're eating as fast as we can and I decide that while Scott finishes his pizza I'd like to get some salad. Older boy in tow, we head for the salad bar while younger boy is screeching, "I want some sawad! I want some toma-ta-dos!" So I come back with older boy, heaping plate of "sawad" goodies and an extra plate for little one. Now you will find out why I titled this blog the amazing spewing tomatoe. Pizza Hut does not have nicely sliced tomatoes like some other salad bars. They do however have those whole small round cherry tomatoes. Fresh and tasty as they are, they provided a brand new source of entertainment for our kiddos. Little one loves tomatoes, often eats them whole after sneaking them from the fridge. I now have to hide them or buy double just to have enough to last us till the next grocery trip. Anyway, today was no exception. The boy about fell over in love with the plate of tomatoes I placed in front of him. One at a time he would pick up the beauties and bite in causing a flow of tomatoe juice and seeds to fly across the table in every direction and thus causing my sweet boys to erupt in uncontrollable laughter. This game continued with each tomatoe until painfully we had to take the plate away after Scott got spewed on for the third time. Why did this craziness persist?? Everytime we tried to take the plate away little one would scream, throw his head back, and act as though he'd been beaten. Finally I convince Scott that it would be in everyone's intrest to stop the spewing and to take the plate and cut up the tomatoes. Of course this meant enduring the bawling until little got his plate back along with all the beauties. Finally, finally we think we're going to have some sense of a normal dinner out with the kids (I'm beginning to wonder if there is such a thing) and what do my ears percieve??? Sigh. Shrek. Not five seconds after the tomatoe incident of 2007, a Shrek commercial comes on. You would have thought a bomb had exploded on our table with all the shrieking and pointing and bouncing. I buried my face as the five other people in the restraunt looked over at us once again. Thankfully they had children as well who were almost as excited to be out as our children were. I flashed my best "mommy" smile to the other mom as I pulled oldest son back down to earth. When Scott finally finished his pizza (I had given up on my salad) I grabbed the boys and headed for the car while he paid. He came out laughing and told me the lady that rang us up told him we had the cutest kids she'd ever seen. I thought, yeah wait till you see the table. We did our best to clean up, but with so few napkins and so much tomatoe... you can guess what it looked like. And the boy? He had to have a bath. He had tomatoe seeds in his hair. Oldest? We're still hearing his terrific rendition of Shrek, only this time it's about how Shrek went and had pizza at the store with the "fun" tomatoes.
Will this always happen when we go out? Our boys are usually very well behaved in publicbut we haven't eaten inside a restraunt in forever, we are usually too busy and just hit a drive thru. I guess now we'll have to work on manners in public. And hopefully we will never again have to meet up with the amazing spewing tomatoe. Until next time, salad bar!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

as i trudge on

Well I know it's late and not many of you will see this tonight, but just reaching out will help. I am in the throws of another devotion, one that's promising to really be a good one that I will learn much from writing. As I get deeper in I feel the silent attacks. Satan does not want me writing or learning this valuable lesson. Allready two pens that have plenty of ink have stopped writing and while before I began writing I felt a surge of energy, right now I'm feeling overwhelming sleepiness. Yes I could attribute that to the late hour, but my heart tells me otherwise. Many things have happened to discourage me from writing my book. Some silent attacks that I only share in late night pleas for prayer, others come big and hit hard. In any case, I write on. Sleepy or not, God's word should not wait any longer. I will finish this devotion, and in time, will win the victory and finish my book. I paus tonight to clear my head and ask you to pray for me. There is power in the prayer of sisters who speak out for each other. So speak on it girls! Shout the pig away and help me re-focus on the morsel God has for us today!
I was able to stay up and finish it and I must say it's fabulous! Lol! Really just knowing that I had a fantastic group of readers that I could reach out to made all the difference. Thanks for being there, even if you weren't "there".

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Okay, I'm out of my league here. David's end of the year party is tomorrow. We're grilling hot dogs and having a fun lunch. I decided to make cupcakes. Went to the store got the cake mix. Then I see right next to all the cake stuff is a pretty photo of some jigglers. I can do that. On impulse I grab 4 boxes of jello mix, check out, and head for home. Only once did I give slight way to the fact that I had never made them. Spidey came, walking right along with me, webbing everyone in sight with one hand, holding mine with the other. We're walking to the car and I tell Dano, "I love you monkey-face". Just a new nick-name we've come up with. All of the sudden my little angel throws his hand in the air and screams, "Goodbye Monkey-BUTT!!!" Gasps. I bust out laughing. To my left is an older woman, hand to her chest, gasping at my angel. Then glaring. Then growling something and walking away. Yes, this whole time I'm still laughing so hard my head hurt. I can NOT believe my little "Spidey" did that! If you know me at all you know that when I get surprised or nervous or excited, I can't stop laughing. This poor woman thought my son had called her monkey-butt and I can only imagine what the woman must have been thinking when the heathens own MOTHER didn't do anything about it. I was so embarassed! So we clamber into the car, both still laughing. Dano ever so proud of himself. And we head for home. Still laughing at the "incident". So now I'm going to have to call Dano "jiggler". His little belly didn't stop jiggling all the way home. Not even when we stopped for Dr. Pepper and told Daddy what happened. Guess we all needed some comic relief today!

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go wing some jigglers with my little jiggler. :)
ps - please know that my little angel was not saying that TO the womam, she was just in hearing distance. He was saying it to be silly and get a giggle from mom. :)

Friday, May 18, 2007


My sweet sweet boy graduated from Pre-K today! I'm so stinkin proud of him! On his end of the year test he got one of the highest grades and passed with flying colors. He's such a smartie! He got a good surprise today when Poppy came to graduation. His smile was so big! They sang 3 songs and then received their diplomas. To finish it off they sang one of the sweetest songs I've heard come out of my little boy. The kids in his class and he have been singing it for a month now. There hasn't been a time I've been in the room and not heard it. It was very fitting that they sang it today. How quickly the time will pass and one day I'll be sending him off to college rather than Kindergarten. The words struck my heart today and I realized what the song is actually about. Growth, time passing quickly, and ultimately letting your little one fly away. Here are the words they sang:

"1 - 2 - 3 like a bird I sing,
cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings.
I'm so glad you're here today,
cause tomorrow I might have to go and fly away."

Thank you Tim McGraw for writing such a sweet song. Today my little one graduates pre-k, tomorrow high school, later college. One day he'll fly off and become his own person and do amazing things. One day. For today though I'm going to relish in my photos and journal every bit of this amazing day! My little man and his graduation cap made from tape, staples, construction paper, and lots-o-love. :) Here are some photos from today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

just breathe

Those were words my sweet Jesus said to me over and over tonight. We're only 3 days away from our Childrens Choir performance. Tonight was our pre-dress rehearsal. Sadly they had had a huge end of the year party right before I got them and man were they wired! I love love love these sweet kids, but today.... no, I always love them! Even when they're wild and jumping all over the stage. They really have worked hard on the program and I had hoped for a better outcome tonight, but I know they'll bounce back. Saturday is our full dress rehearsal and I have hopes that it will turn out much better than tonight. I have learned through this experience that God has sent me children to teach me patience. I have failed the test many a time, but praise the Lord, He lets us take make-up test after make-up test. I really am excited, and I know in the end it will all come together. Tonight I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed. One bad practice shouldn't bring me down, but it has a little tonight. I came home put the boys to bed and fell face down and prayed. It will come together, I know it. God has given us all the tools we need and the kids are really exicted about it. (albeit a little *too* excited) I'm looking forward to practice Saturday. The girls look so stinkin cute in their poodle skirts and the boys are going to look cute in thier jeans and t's. The program is called Solid Rock Cafe, and boy are we rocking it! If you're in the area and can make it, come on. It's gonna be a rockin' rollin' good time! On a serious note, pray for my nerves and my patience. We're almost to the finish line and I think that's the most stressful time of all.
If you've read this far, thank you for "listening" to my ramblings, you're awesome!

Monday, May 14, 2007

i stand ready

God is working. I don't know how I have become at peace with some decisions Scott and I have made in the past few weeks. I began afraid, scared, and defiant and have become strong and at peace. New challenges are always daunting, but today a peace came over me that I can't explain. I've been sewing aprons all afternoon (and they are darn cute!) and that gave me plenty of time to think about the changes we're making in our lives. Why do I sit back and let things happen to me? Why have I let this one situation eat at me so much? Why have I taken a passive seat to what has been going on? Simple. I waited for God to answer. And He did. Yesterday we made up our mind. Today I'm at peace with it. It's amazing how "long" the wait can seem and how "quick" the answer can come. I'm still nervous. Only now it has become an excited nervous. I can't wait to take this step with God. I can't wait to grow even more in His love. I can't wait to see what He has in store for us in this new challenge. I read in Amanda's blog where she said "God equips". Yes sister, He does. What tools I'll use I have no idea. What place I'll take, I have no idea. What new lessons I'll learn, I have no idea. For now I wait. Hands open. Waiting for my new "syllabus". Ready to leap. Excited, not worried. Fearless, not fearful. Ready to take on what's ahead, not sad over what I'll be leaving behind. Use me Lord. I'm yours.

my boys

I just had to post this pic of my boys. This was at David's soccer game. David was THRILLED that the got to play goalie the period before. He did a great job! Always kept his eye on the ball and hands ready. Twice they tried to score and the ball soared past the goal, but my sweet boy hunkered down and got ready to stop the ball anyway. He was fantastic! He even got the chance for a goalie kick. The other team didn't scoot back and were right in front of him so I warned him to kick hard or it was coming right back at him... And what do you think my smart boy did?? He kicked it as hard as he could - SIDEWAYS! - and the ball ripped past all of them to the other side of the field!!! What a smart boy! He said this was "by far his best game EVER". What a cutie. Here's a pick of him being goalie....

Isn't he great! We've only got one more practice/game before the season is over. GO ZOOMERS!!!! They are so stinkin cute...

Friday, May 11, 2007

flower pots

My son is in Pre-K and we had a luncheon on Wednesday for Mother's Day. All of the kids had made these cute cute little flower pots with their photos on them for their mommies. One little girl sat quietly at our table with myself, my son and another mommy/daughter couple. Her mother couldn't come. I noticed after a little bit that she had been crying, and was about to again. I asked her what was wrong and the tears came flooding. She told me that her mother wouldn't be getting her flower pot for another few months because she wasn't here. Me not thinking, I said, you can give it to her when you get home can't you? No, mommy isn't at home. Oh. Well, where is your mommy? Iraq. Oh. Well maybe you can give it to your daddy and he'll hold on to it for mommy until she gets home. No, my dad doesn't live here. Sigh. (not in frustration, in sadness) Who brings you to school? My grandma. I'll have to give it to her I guess.

She went on eating her lunch. The tears dried for a bit. Then they came again. This time I hugged her and asked what was wrong. I want my mommy. Sigh. I was torn, there wasn't anything I could think of to say that might make this poor sweet girl feel better. Enter my night in shining pre-k armor. My boy. He puts his hands up in the air and says to his sweet friend... you know, I think I'll share my mommy with you today. Tears. Mine, not hers. From that moment on she held one hand, he held the other and we went. To the playground. Played in class. Even walked to the potty hand in hand in hand. I told her to keep her flower pot and put it somewhere safe at home until her mommy got home. When my sweet boy and I left that afternoon she was beaming. Hugged him and said thank you for sharing your mommy with me. He got LOTS of ice cream and Dr. Pepper for that one!

Looking back on that day my heart still cries for this sweet little girl. She desperatly wanted someone to care about her and to make a big deal of her being theirs. She wanted so bad for someone she loved to come through that door so that she could share in this experience with them. She wanted her mommy. Her mommy who kisses the boo-boos, brushes her hair, and sings to her before bed. Her mommy who is too far away to touch, hug, kiss, or sing to. Her mommy who is fighting for her very right to go to school and make a flower pot with her photo on it. She wanted someone to care. She was reaching out and looking for love. I said a silent prayer for her. I hope that one day she'll recognize the love of Jesus and realize that she's not alone ever. It also made me think about the sacrifice soldiers make, but more importantly the sacrifices their families make. I was happy to be her "mommy" for the day and have been thanking God ever since. I think it's one of my greatest blessings this week to get to play "mommy" to a little girl who's real mommy is representing our country in Iraq. I hope I get the chance again to love this sweet girl with the love of Jesus. No child should feel alone.


Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this little girls day. And thank you for using my sweet boy to pour your love on her. Please wrap her in your love and protect her mommy. Bring her home safe and soon so that she can see that adorable little flower pot from her most precious baby girl. Amen