Friday, May 25, 2007

the "official" last day

So today was David's "official" last day of school. For some reason Texas state law says that Pre-K kids MUST show up for school today. So his teacher told us to just come in, pick up the report card and then we could go home. Their early out is at 10:00 a.m. and they don't start lessons till 9:00 a.m. so there really wasn't much point in sticking around today. So we went for our 10 minutes. Said goodbye to all the amazing moms that I have had the blessing to meet and work with this year, and David said goodbye to his friends. It was really cute. Since everything is come and go today, there were only a few others in the class room so we were able to have more of a personal goodbye with Davids teacher and best friends. We exchanged phone numbers and will have a few play dates this summer. It was all very very sweet. Yes, I cried. This has been the most amazing year for David. He went from being such a shy little boy to a little boy who has grown into his own "boy-hood". He's messy, loud, talks ALL the time, and I love it! He is not the same boy he was when he started this school year. It has been so neat to watch him grow so much. I am so proud of my sweet boy! So to celebrate this momentous occasion what did my sweet want for breakfast?? Spider-Man donuts from our local donut shop. We drove across town to find the ONE and only store that sells them and I quickly bought up the last four they had. David has never felt more special. The giant grin on his face alone was worth the drive across town. In case you've never had this delicious treat, a spider man donut is a regular donut with blue icing and a red icing web drawn on top. But to my boys it's one of life's greatest treasures. It may be silly but getting these donuts made me think about God's love this morning. To the outside world we may be just another donut. Run of the mill, normal, maybe a little weird, but normal people. To God however each of us is one of His greatest treasures. He took such care in forming us, creating us, knowing us before our own mothers knew us. He put ever hair on our heads and fashioned every unique detail. Some of us have red icing, some blue, some yellow, some chocolate (Yum!), but each of us was created and are loved as though we are of the finest ingredients. God loves us folks. So today, I proudly claim my donut-ness. I like to think I'm one of those donuts that has chocolate icing and then that yummy pink fuzzy coconut stuff on top. Smooth underneath with a funky side to me! What kind of donut are you?? Think about it and get back to me. And remember sisters, you ARE one of God's most tasty treasures.