Sunday, May 27, 2007


God is awesome! He's working out some awesome things in my life and bringing me more at peace with these new steps each day. To see Him work and feel His love... it's an indescribable feeling that I just have to share! I have been writing like a mad woman, scribbling out the devotions God puts before me to write. Although I'm not quiet sure how good my writing is, the lessons God is teaching me while writing are well worth the sore wrist! I'm just so excited to be writing this book and to be working so hard towards this goal that last year I was sooooo apprehensive about. The sage advice that several of my closest and smartest friends gave me has become true. God will equip you for the job He sets before you. The trick is, you have to be willing to be used by Him for whatever He's got before He'll show you the path. He wants the sacrifice of ego. No dipping the toes to "test" God's waters. He wants you jumping in, head under, full fledged into His will. You take that step and you'll never regret it! Take it from me. Last year I was fighting God tooth and nail saying I was NOT capable of writing a devotion let alone a BOOK of them, and this year I've written 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) devotions that will go into my book. A milestone for me! All it took was getting over myself and my own feelings of inadequacy, and getting into the loving arms of God and saying, Okay. Take the lead Lord. I'm all in. My challenge to you? Do it. Whatever He's wrestling with you to do, be all in. Dive. Take the plunge. Do it. You'll never regret it!


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