Wednesday, May 23, 2007

as i trudge on

Well I know it's late and not many of you will see this tonight, but just reaching out will help. I am in the throws of another devotion, one that's promising to really be a good one that I will learn much from writing. As I get deeper in I feel the silent attacks. Satan does not want me writing or learning this valuable lesson. Allready two pens that have plenty of ink have stopped writing and while before I began writing I felt a surge of energy, right now I'm feeling overwhelming sleepiness. Yes I could attribute that to the late hour, but my heart tells me otherwise. Many things have happened to discourage me from writing my book. Some silent attacks that I only share in late night pleas for prayer, others come big and hit hard. In any case, I write on. Sleepy or not, God's word should not wait any longer. I will finish this devotion, and in time, will win the victory and finish my book. I paus tonight to clear my head and ask you to pray for me. There is power in the prayer of sisters who speak out for each other. So speak on it girls! Shout the pig away and help me re-focus on the morsel God has for us today!
I was able to stay up and finish it and I must say it's fabulous! Lol! Really just knowing that I had a fantastic group of readers that I could reach out to made all the difference. Thanks for being there, even if you weren't "there".