Thursday, August 28, 2008

hillsong Might To Save

oh how in love with this song am I right now... He is friends. He is MIGHTY to save!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Oh my gosh I never win anything, but this time... I WON!!! I can't believe it! Annette posted about a scrapbook giveaway and I signed up but didn't really think I'd win it... Well I just checked my e-mail and I won it! You wanna talk awesome stuff! These kits have some AMAZING scrapbook goodies in them! I can't wait to see what I get! Go check out the blog I won the giveaway on here. And please please check out Go.Be Creative if you are into scrapbooking. You will LOVE what you see! (just don't drool, computer screens don't like that!) :)

Yay me! Wooot! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

and he went

My little Dano braved the first day of Pre-K like a champ! The boy almost forgot to give his mommy a hug. Break my heart! At the last minute he turned and gave me a kiss and hug and said bye. Oh sweet thing. And guess what? Momma didn't cry! No sir, no tears here. I'm not sure if it was that he's got his best friend from church in his class or if it was all the prayers but when I left him I was 100% certain he would have a wonderful day and that all was right with the world. So from one brave momma to another, thank you for your prayers over us this morning! Here are some pics of the big boy on his first day...

here he is ready to head off to school...

and here he is putting away his name tag with one of his teachers, Mrs. Young...

and please do not underestimate the power of new school shoes, the boy thought he was SO cool in these new "Batman" shoes...

Monday, August 25, 2008

go dano go

Tomorrow this backpack will be on the very tiny back of my sweet boy headed to pre-k. Oh the heart is heavy tonight friends. Pray for this very sad momma.

God is good y'all

** Updated with pic: this is david ready to head to school for the first day! **

Allright, get your hand up with me and give Him some praise y'all. David went off to first grade this morning. And for a momma who usually has it all together and knows exactly where we're going, I was a bit nervous. We'd missed meet the teacher night because of our trip to San Antonio, so both David and I were a little nervous about what this morning held. But glory to His name, God worked out relief and gratitude for us! David has a very nice teacher, Mrs. Allen, who hugged him and welcomed him to class. There's also a student teacher in his room who is really a sweet girl. And to top it ALL off.... David's best friend from last year walked in the door! You should have seen those two little guys run up and hug each other! AND their other little friend, Autumn, is in their class as well. AND (as if it could get better!) they are all 3 seated next to each other! Once they figured this all out, we momma's were forgotten, nerves were left behind, and David settled in and began working on his paper. He even told me I could go. Praise the Lord he wasn't too big to give me a hug and kiss! So, the big one is off to a fantastic start to first grade and the little one will meet his pre-kindergarten teacher this afternoon. I can't believe my boys are this big. It's amazing. Thanks everyone for praying for us this morning! Keep the prayers coming cause I have a feeling tomorrow will be the hardest day of the week. Sending baby boy to school... Wow. But God is good as He proved this morning, and all of this is in His more than capable hands! Praise Him for such a great fresh start this morning!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Have 3 more exciting words every been uttered? I'm sure they have but tonight my heart is FULL of joy because of those 3 little words. Yes folks, in 3 days yours truly will be sitting (more like JUMPING out of my skin excited!) in the AlamoDome listening to this amazing woman speak on all things Jesus. I can't WAIT to get there! And yes, hopefully I will get to meet the gracious woman whose studies have renewed a passion for the Bible within me. Oh yes. I will MEET her. Hug her. Shake her hand. Babble incoherently while starstruck and dazed. I will chunk my camera to the nearest body and beg for 20 pictures to be taken of myself with this woman. I wonder if she'll even be able to understand me with my nervous giggle-box going. (I tend to giggle uncontrollably when I get nervous) And yes, I am hoping to get to meet her daughters as well. And oh heavens how awesome would it be to get to meet Kelly Minter as well! I just finished up a study, No Other Gods, by Kelly via the LPM Blog that was REALLY good. SO... this weekend I have the chance to meet some really amazing women of God. I can not wait! And on top of THAT, I get to meet some FABULOUS Siestas, some of whom I'll be hunting down so that I can hug thier necks! (I'm lookin at YOU Shonda & Bev!!) Mom and I leave Thursday morning to spend 3 fun days in San Antonio. I promise to come back with as many pictures as my memory card will hold! And yes, one of them WILL be of Siesta Beth and myself. It will happen. I can feel it. :)

So what are your plans for the weekend? Any fun trips or exciting times?

Monday, August 18, 2008

first day of school

Yep. I started school today. Well, officially anyway. I've been perusing my books for about 2 weeks and scouring my assignments online for about a week now. Of course, until BlackBoard went all nutso, but it's fixed now. I can't tell you how comforting and encouraging it is to be "attending" a Christian college. Talk about a WORLD of difference! Everyone is so encouraging and supportive. And above all, I'm really liking my Biology proffessor! MAN can he give out the assignments, BUT he's very nice and has found a unique way to personalize our course and make it feel like a community rather than a classroom. He's a neat guy. I'm quite sure all my professors are neat in their own way, he's just the one I have the most contact with so far. Lol. So anyway. Yeppers, I'm a college girl. Don't feel any different, but check back after multiplying fractions. I'm sure I'll be feeling a bit less "brainy" when I hit that hurdle.

Anyone know a good tutor? :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

little league world series

David is sitting on the couch right now, completely focused on the Little League World Series game on ABC. A new dream is born. The boy is now going to be a baseball allstar. Dream big my man. Dream big. And I, the allstars mommy, shall bring my "david is #1" foam finger to every game you play little man!

Watching these kids is amazing! I love the determination and the energy they put into this game. Honestly to them I believe this Little League world series is much bigger in their lives than the major league world series! But the one thing I REALLY love about this series is that it's about having fun. Yes about winning and yes about getting the fame of being the best, but it's not about how many millions of dollars will exchange hands over the course of another year should their team win. They are kids having fun, doing what they love. That is about as American and awesome as you can get. I love it. I'm going to go watch baseball with my allstar now.

Who knows. One of these days you might see a giant foam finger waving in the air. Wave to me folks, it'll be me. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

jellies abound

As promised here is a pic of the jelly I've been making. The plum is actually not that bright, it's a little deeper red in color, the bright is from lighting. :) It's all REALLY good and I can't wait to share some as gifts! I'm also entering some of it into our local fair, wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

jelly makes me smile

Yep, you read that right. Jelly makes me smile. Especially these days. For some crazy reason I got in my head that I want to learn to can. Could it be because we had veggies coming out our ears from all the yummy stuff in the garden? Okra, squash, cukes... you name it. SO mom was gracious engough to spend some time showing me how to can. 21 jars of Bread & Butter pickles later I got the hang of it. :) AND (drumroll) I am now a jelly making/canning FOOL! To date I've made plum jelly, apple jelly, peach jam, persimmon jam (not too great), and plum jelly. And right now simmering on the stove I've got some orange marmalade that is making my house smell de-vine! So, I have to get back to it but watch for pics later! :) And yes, if you want some home-made jelly I'll be selling some to help pay on my student loans. Be on the look out for an Etsy link!

Friday, August 1, 2008

like jewlery?

Then you MUST get over to Debra's site and see what's she's got going on. :) Cool photos, cool rings, cool gal. Visit my friend! :) And while you're at it, visit her friends Etsy site and maybe help support the Rescue Center in Haiti.