Saturday, August 16, 2008

little league world series

David is sitting on the couch right now, completely focused on the Little League World Series game on ABC. A new dream is born. The boy is now going to be a baseball allstar. Dream big my man. Dream big. And I, the allstars mommy, shall bring my "david is #1" foam finger to every game you play little man!

Watching these kids is amazing! I love the determination and the energy they put into this game. Honestly to them I believe this Little League world series is much bigger in their lives than the major league world series! But the one thing I REALLY love about this series is that it's about having fun. Yes about winning and yes about getting the fame of being the best, but it's not about how many millions of dollars will exchange hands over the course of another year should their team win. They are kids having fun, doing what they love. That is about as American and awesome as you can get. I love it. I'm going to go watch baseball with my allstar now.

Who knows. One of these days you might see a giant foam finger waving in the air. Wave to me folks, it'll be me. :)