Wednesday, August 13, 2008

jelly makes me smile

Yep, you read that right. Jelly makes me smile. Especially these days. For some crazy reason I got in my head that I want to learn to can. Could it be because we had veggies coming out our ears from all the yummy stuff in the garden? Okra, squash, cukes... you name it. SO mom was gracious engough to spend some time showing me how to can. 21 jars of Bread & Butter pickles later I got the hang of it. :) AND (drumroll) I am now a jelly making/canning FOOL! To date I've made plum jelly, apple jelly, peach jam, persimmon jam (not too great), and plum jelly. And right now simmering on the stove I've got some orange marmalade that is making my house smell de-vine! So, I have to get back to it but watch for pics later! :) And yes, if you want some home-made jelly I'll be selling some to help pay on my student loans. Be on the look out for an Etsy link!


Starla said...

Sounds yummy!!! :)