Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Have 3 more exciting words every been uttered? I'm sure they have but tonight my heart is FULL of joy because of those 3 little words. Yes folks, in 3 days yours truly will be sitting (more like JUMPING out of my skin excited!) in the AlamoDome listening to this amazing woman speak on all things Jesus. I can't WAIT to get there! And yes, hopefully I will get to meet the gracious woman whose studies have renewed a passion for the Bible within me. Oh yes. I will MEET her. Hug her. Shake her hand. Babble incoherently while starstruck and dazed. I will chunk my camera to the nearest body and beg for 20 pictures to be taken of myself with this woman. I wonder if she'll even be able to understand me with my nervous giggle-box going. (I tend to giggle uncontrollably when I get nervous) And yes, I am hoping to get to meet her daughters as well. And oh heavens how awesome would it be to get to meet Kelly Minter as well! I just finished up a study, No Other Gods, by Kelly via the LPM Blog that was REALLY good. SO... this weekend I have the chance to meet some really amazing women of God. I can not wait! And on top of THAT, I get to meet some FABULOUS Siestas, some of whom I'll be hunting down so that I can hug thier necks! (I'm lookin at YOU Shonda & Bev!!) Mom and I leave Thursday morning to spend 3 fun days in San Antonio. I promise to come back with as many pictures as my memory card will hold! And yes, one of them WILL be of Siesta Beth and myself. It will happen. I can feel it. :)

So what are your plans for the weekend? Any fun trips or exciting times?


Shonda said...

Jen--I'm so glad you grabbed me and hugged me. I so wanted to catch up with you again. But I'm so grateful for that hug! You're precious!!! Love ya!
Engrated by His Grace-