Monday, August 18, 2008

first day of school

Yep. I started school today. Well, officially anyway. I've been perusing my books for about 2 weeks and scouring my assignments online for about a week now. Of course, until BlackBoard went all nutso, but it's fixed now. I can't tell you how comforting and encouraging it is to be "attending" a Christian college. Talk about a WORLD of difference! Everyone is so encouraging and supportive. And above all, I'm really liking my Biology proffessor! MAN can he give out the assignments, BUT he's very nice and has found a unique way to personalize our course and make it feel like a community rather than a classroom. He's a neat guy. I'm quite sure all my professors are neat in their own way, he's just the one I have the most contact with so far. Lol. So anyway. Yeppers, I'm a college girl. Don't feel any different, but check back after multiplying fractions. I'm sure I'll be feeling a bit less "brainy" when I hit that hurdle.

Anyone know a good tutor? :)