Monday, August 25, 2008

God is good y'all

** Updated with pic: this is david ready to head to school for the first day! **

Allright, get your hand up with me and give Him some praise y'all. David went off to first grade this morning. And for a momma who usually has it all together and knows exactly where we're going, I was a bit nervous. We'd missed meet the teacher night because of our trip to San Antonio, so both David and I were a little nervous about what this morning held. But glory to His name, God worked out relief and gratitude for us! David has a very nice teacher, Mrs. Allen, who hugged him and welcomed him to class. There's also a student teacher in his room who is really a sweet girl. And to top it ALL off.... David's best friend from last year walked in the door! You should have seen those two little guys run up and hug each other! AND their other little friend, Autumn, is in their class as well. AND (as if it could get better!) they are all 3 seated next to each other! Once they figured this all out, we momma's were forgotten, nerves were left behind, and David settled in and began working on his paper. He even told me I could go. Praise the Lord he wasn't too big to give me a hug and kiss! So, the big one is off to a fantastic start to first grade and the little one will meet his pre-kindergarten teacher this afternoon. I can't believe my boys are this big. It's amazing. Thanks everyone for praying for us this morning! Keep the prayers coming cause I have a feeling tomorrow will be the hardest day of the week. Sending baby boy to school... Wow. But God is good as He proved this morning, and all of this is in His more than capable hands! Praise Him for such a great fresh start this morning!