Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's really happening!

Beginning this fall I will be enrolled in courses through Liberty University's Distance Learning Program! We're awaiting my final financial package, but as soon as it's signed, I'll be officially registered. God stirred something up in me these past few months and I stepped out in faith and applied to several schools. I know that God will work out the details, and so far I have not been dissapointed! Everything is working out great. Today I received my official "congratulations you've been accepted" phone call and e-mail from LU. My major will be Religion and I'll be working towards my Bachelors degree beginning this fall! I can't tell you all how excited I am! I'll be able to complete the entire course right here at home and by the time I'm done I'll be able to follow my dreams and start a career in Ministry. God is awesome friends. Simply awesome! Please pray for this new change in our lives and the upcoming semester. God brought me here, and He'll take me there. Nothing excites me more than jumping on and enjoying the ride God has set before me!
Liberty here I come!