Friday, August 14, 2009


Alrighty friends. While I am not thrilled at the prospect of packing up boxes, hauling them downstairs, and driving them across town - I am excited about the prospect of moving. We are moving into a house. Out of the apartment, and away from the crime. It's simply not safe to keep the boys here. This is not the environment we imagined them growing up in. So we've found a nice rental home and in two weeks we are headed there.

Change. It doesn't sit well with me.

But honestly, these boys need a yard to run in so they can get RID of some of the energy that's pent up and coming out in negative ways.

Here they cannot go outside and run and play whenever they want. There they will be able to.

Here they can't ride their bikes much for fear of being run over by people who refuse to SLOW DOWN for children. There they will be able to ride their bikes.

Here we can't walk the dog because even though we warn them not to, people still try to come up and pet her. Pug does NOT like strangers and tries to bite them. They then look at us like it's our fault, even though we warned them the entire time they keep walking up to her. Sigh. (here's your sign dummy!)

Here we get cussed at and called ugly names. There we won't.

So there is a much better place to be. Will someone just come and pack us up and move us there? Wake me up when you're done :) .

Will post pics of the new house when we get some.


Mandi said...

Awesome! So glad yall found a new place! You know I don't like moving and packing either but as much as we have moved, I will say that I love the change in scenery. I love finding new ways to decorate our new space, and rearranging furniture and all that stuff. So, I guess I sorta like change.....the fun stuff.......packing, not so much. I am sure yall will do fine and I bet the boys are super excited to have a backyard....and Pug too. :) Many blessings in your new home and neighborhood! :)

jen said...

we are REALLY going to love the change of scenery :) Especially the back yard, covered patio, and good neighborhood! We've chunked lots more stuff and I think I'm finally getting excited about this move. I can't wait to unpack the kitchen. That's when I'll feel like we're really settled in. :)