Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little Spinner Boy

I just had to post this. My sweet sweet boy loves this toy in Motor Lab at school. It's a giant red cone that they sit and and then spin themselves around and around. It's really cute. David ran straight for it today at school and stayed in it spinning around and around almost the entire time he was in Motor Lab. It was exactly where he wanted to be, doing exactly what he'd gone there to do. I began giggling uncontrollably watching his grinning face go around and around and around... spinning spinning spinning. I was definatly not able to hide the pride I have in my sweet boy. I mean, come on, he was the cutest child in the room. :) As I was watching him, feeling like the worlds best mom, I wondered if that was the same look God looks at me with. When I'm swooshing and spinning and looking so silly delighting in the creation God's given me, do I make Him giggle? Do I make Him beam with pride? I wonder what His laughter sounds like? What a wonderful blessing it would be to know that I've brought my Father joy. My heart longs to bring Him hapiness and joy, and beaming happy smile.

Lord how I love you. I long to make you happy and to see you smile at me. One day I will see you face to face and I can not wait for that moment! Thank you for the little joys in my day today. The secret giggles only you and I shared. Thank you for my beautiful sweet sweet boy and for those precious moments that I can capture and hold in my heart forever. I am ever in love with you. Your giggling Daughter.