Monday, April 30, 2007

the "portant" things

So the boys are not feeling very well today. Daniel is finally recovering from his weekend, he was slightly "stopped up" for the past few days. And now David has a small cold. We had to get out in the rain last night. I know, bad mommy. So today I've made him a "comfy" spot on the couch where he can lay and watch his movies while being surrounded by all his favorite items. I've even made him some pancakes shaped like teddy bears and dinosaurs to make the cold go away. He was very specific in telling me what he wanted with him on the couch. With his stuffy nose he told me, "momma, I need my 'portant' toys, my juice, my favorite poppy crackers (cheeze-its), and my sniffy towel". Dutifully like the momma-soldier I am I rounded it all up and proudly presented it to my boy.
I didn't get the REALLY "portant" toys and he was distraught. He sighed, heaved himself off the couch, all the while telling he guessed I'd have to make him another comfy spot because he's having to get his own toys, and walked me to his bedroom where he pointed out exactly which toys were "portant" and which ones were not. That settled I made him an EXTRA special comfy spot on the couch where he is now content with all his favorite things. I don't know what I'll do if he has to get up to potty... Ever heard of a super-duper-extra-special-comfy-spot???

Pray for me sisters.