Friday, May 16, 2008


Okay, so today I'm feeling a bit blah. I've been doing nothing but laundry for days, and there's still no end in sight. You know how you get that "great" idea in your head to wash all the sheets and blankets in the house. I believe I'm now certifiable. I'm on my 10th load of laundry and I think 3 loads ago my dryer began mocking me while my washer screamed out for mercy. :( You know it's bad when the appliances revolt. I'm in such a funky mood I just can't shake it. The list of things I should be doing is so long it's daunting, but I can't shake the blahs and so here I sit. I'm tired. Very very tired. I think my body and brain are finally beginning to un-wind after these last few months of stress. Kids choir is done for the semester and a few things on the horizon don't start for a few weeks. So at least I have time to rest. And blog. About nothing in particular. What I really want to do is go grab my camera and my kids and have an afternoon of fun. My washer & dryer might enjoy the break. So if you're still here with me, and still reading this nutty-ness, thank you. You're more precious than words. Because obviously today, my words are not there. I think my brain is on hold or something. Anyone have cures for the blahs? That or a way to make the brain function again. Either one is welcome. :)


Oh yes, and please be sure to go to the Siesta Fiesta blog and order your shirts and totes! Patty and Kim are doing an amazing job over there and I'm super excited for August! Just click on the link on the right side of my page and go check it out. Saw my girl Leigh on the Siesta spotlight - shout out! :)