Monday, October 20, 2008

I have lots to update you all on, but not lots time. Just one little blip here... I finally made strawberry jam for the Christmas baskets I'm making for Scott's family (3 types of homemade jam/jelly & freshbaked bread in a smartly dressed new basket, with some new kitchen towels and things... Scott LOVES the idea, yay!) but of course, I have to try anything before giving it out. :). Oh my stars y'all. It's GOOD. And I mean GOOD GOOD. Like, let me lick the jar good. Scott even liked it and he's not a sweets guy. (he's a sweet guy, just not into sweets). Wow. It's better than any store jam. No chunky parts of strawberry, not too runny, not too sweet... it's terrific! So... I don't have enough (yet) to share with all of you, but maybe one of these days. Trust me, I will be making more of this! I'm going to try blueberry jam as well. Each basket will have strawberry, blueberry, and peach jam. Fun times!