Tuesday, October 28, 2008


*steps on soap box...*

Why. Why do some parents believe they are above the sick rule at school? Why? Are you so supreme that the sickness that SURROUNDS your child won't pass on to the HEALTHY children by your supreme, germ maintaining, super kid???? I mean honestly. Daniel went to school HEALTHY, and is now running a fever and coughing. TWO kids in his class were sick and were brought anyway by their parents. There was a sub today (don't EVEN get me started on the sub, let's just say I've have several discussions with his normal teachers about how this particular sub treats the kids, anyway...), and she allowed one sick child to stay while telling another to go home. Seriously. The one that got to stay.... oh my goodness. The poor kid was obviously sick and feeling rotten. His eyes were swollen and red, glassy and runny; his nose was runny and he was barely alert. As I'm noticing this, the mother tells the sub, "he woke up with a fever but I gave him Motrin and it worked right away!". Seriously??? DUH. Okay. Just DUH. Of course the medicine you gave your SICK child ONE hour ago is now working. (I'm smacking my forehead here). Does said sub tell this mom to take her child home? NO. She smiles at the woman and says, "well that's a relief" and let's her leave. UGH. Then second sick child comes in. No fever, but had one last night. No, no symptoms of said illness, doing okay, just high fever during the middle of the night. Now, technically, no the kid is not supposed to be in school. You have to be fever free, WITHOUT tylenol or motrin, for a full 24 hours before you can return to school. However, sub let the other sick kid stay so I'm anticipating yet another sick kid in the room. Sub tells mom in not so nice tone that sick kid #2 cannot stay and she has to take him home. So... why follow the policy for one child and not the other? I'm still scratching my head on that one. Anyway, now Daniel is sick. Red eyes, runny nose, cough, and fever. All the same symptoms as sick kid #1 who was brought by mom who doesn't understand the working effects of Motrin; allowed to stay by sub who has many many issues of "favortism" in the classroom. People... these kids are FOUR years old. VERY succeptable to illness, especially when it's staring them in the face. Stay home with your sick children. Follow the rules, isn't that what we teach our kids??? STAY home with your sick child, don't bring them and get my child sick. It will only lead to mean blogging and probably a cross look next time I see said sub and mom. Yes I know, I should be nicer, but my son is sick and it's not his fault. Use the brain God gave you people. Use the brain.

*** and before you all jump on me about working single moms not being able to take time off, this is not that type of situation; this mom stays home like many of the rest of us and could have taken care of her child, she choose not to. ***


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