Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have smart children

Today was report card day. Now, no, before you ask I don't stress report card days. Our boys are in pre-k and 1st grade, not much to stress over. However, David did manage to surprise me. Not by his grades, but by all the rewards his school gives out for each level they achieve. David got straight A's on his report card. I'm so stinkin proud of him! He brought home 4 certificates for free kids meals at various restaurants and got a card for game tokens at THE coveted Mr. Gattis. If I could stress to you the importance of Mr. Gattis in the lives of my little boys, oh my. It was like manna was falling from heaven the way this boy hopped and danced around once I'd read what the cards were for. I have to admit, I actually teared up a bit seeing how great he felt about working so hard and getting such great rewards for his work. Add onto that the $1 he got from his Daddy and I thought the boy might just fall over. He really felt special today and I'm not ashamed to tell you all that I am one PROUD momma today. David has never struggled in school and is actually learning on a 2nd grade level, but to see the fruits of his labor and hear him talk excitedly about what he's accomplished is awesome. I love that he has such a passion for learning and for setting and accomplishing his goals. On his way to bed he asked me if there was something higher than an A. I said, "well sometimes teachers give an A+ for extra good work". He's already planning out how he's going to get a report card full of A+'s next time. :) Oh that boy fills my heart.

Daniel also got very good marks. They grade pre-k differently than elementary so it's not A's and B's but rather where they are improving and by how much. He is right on target and is improving as he should be. He loves going to school. Mostly for his "buddies" (shout out Tristan!), but he also likes all the learning games they play. He didn't get the rewards like David (the don't do the rewards in pre-k) but he did get the $1 from daddy and some M&M's from mommy. After that he didn't care about the "papers" (rofl!) that David got. Silly guys.

I love these guys. And I'm so glad they got my smarts. haha, j/k hubs! I love my family. We've had the amazing blessing of having family nights every Friday night for the past several months. It's something that until August, we'd never been able to experience. Hubs schedule was/is hectic and rarely ever left time for us to spend quality family time. There would be weeks where the boys wouldn't see hubs for 3-4 days because their schedules were opposite. We prayed earnestly for things to change and God blessed us with a schedule much more manageable than before. Hubs is off on Friday nights and we're able to connect as a family like we've never been able to before. We go to the drive in, go out for dinner, and have game/movie nights at home. There is such a difference in our family I can't even begin to explain the things God has done for us. Several months ago we turned our marriage and family fully over to God and the rewards have been astounding to say the least. Our eyes are opened wide to even the smallest victories. Which is why today's report card day was so touching for me. It may be something that sounds silly to you all, but for us it's a family victory. We got to spend 30 minutes cheering, hugging, encouraging, and praising our boys. It was awesome and it reminded me again of the blessed healing road God is taking us down. When I say I love my family it breaks me inside. I am so full of love for my guys. At times it spills out in laughter, sometimes in tears, most times in hugs and kisses. And like today, sometimes in all those forms. I am so proud of all my guys I could just burst. And I'm so grateful to God for getting us to this point. I can't wait to see what's next for us!

** and yes mom, and friends, there will probably be another sappy blog entry next report card day. I can't help it, those boys are too awesome. :) **