Thursday, November 6, 2008

my hero

Yep. Hubs is a hero y'all. In Sunday's paper the K-Mart ad was like a beacon of happiness calling to us. You see, Power Rangers are on sale. And not just any sale my friends, a Buy-One-Get-One-Free sale. Oh yes. And underneath that little pretty line, it said, "on ALL Power Rangers". Gasp. Yeah. We were pumped. Any parent who has a little boy that's into Power Rangers knows what I'm talking about.

Then I got sick and paid a little visit to the ER. Turns out I have Disfunctional Uterine Bleeding. Ew. Anyway, so no shopping for a few days. Okay, I'm thinking, the sales not over for several days, surely I'll have my energy back by then. Down comes more rain. David is sick. Not just any sick. Flu sick. Now for sure I'm out for about a week. David thows the meds up so it takes him longer to get over the flu.

In comes my knight in shining armor. Scott volunteers to go to the store and claim victory over the Power Ranger sale. I make him take the ad with him. (note to all of you who know how K-Mart is, TAKE THE AD with you!) He calls, we figure out the right sets and all that. I wait. And wait. And wait. And finally I call to see if he's doing okay. He's laughing and tells me that the store tried not to honor the ad but when he pulled it out of his back pocket they knew they'd lost. Hubs pulled through in a major way and saved us $53!! I am so darn proud of him! He's usually not confrontational, but these are Christmas toys for the kiddos, and the price was too goo to let go. He stood his ground and brought home 5 giant sacks of Power Ranger Jungle Fury goodness. Can I get an Amen?? :)

We're both quite sure there is now a sign on the aisle of Power Rangers stating there is a misprint in the ad, but that's okay, hubs managed to get ours on sale and I'm so durn proud of him I could jump for joy! But a good Praise the Lord is gonna have to do for now. :) Bedrest stinks.


the voice of melody said...

Wow, you're husband was on a mission and he delivered the goods! What a way to save some money and right before Christmas too.

Hope you feel better soon (and your little guy too).

Many sweet blessings!

SaVanna said...

Wow...I sure miss K-Mart, and Walmart, and Target...and pretty much anything American...Oh, and what is this Power Ranger Jungle Fever?