Wednesday, July 14, 2010

let's run

Well friends. It's been a while. But I am *hopefully* back to blog land with a purpose :) For a while now (longer than I care to admit) God has been convicting me of my lack-o-exercise. It's been an inner struggle of, mostly, my own whining. Finally even I have had enough. I need to get up, I need to get out, and I need to move my tushie! But I knew I wouldn't stick with it unless I had some accountability. (sad isn't it!) So I am joining with a group of ladies, and one VERY energetic Coach, and I am going to participate in a half-marathon. Yep, 13.1 miles of sheer craziness! Nah, it won't be that bad, but at this point I do feel a bit crazy. :) BUT, this group has an awesome purpose and is something I am more than happy to be a part of. It's called Marathoning for Missions, you can check it out here. Each runner/walker picks a charitable organization to raise awareness, funds, or both for. I think that is a great way to take the focus off of ME and put it onto someone else. Love this idea. For those that know me, I am all about Children's Ministry. I love working with kids and I have great respect for others that share that passion. It is not easy. There are days I want to come home and cry. But the joy that comes from this job are immeasurable. It is because of my passion for Children's Ministry that I have chosen to walk for an organization that I love - the Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center. You can check them out here. Several years ago God placed this organization on my heart. It is my hope to one day visit the Center in person as part of a mission team. You can read about how the Center got started here. Currently they are preparing to raise scholarship funds for children to attend school in Haiti. To send a child to school for a year it cost $250. I would like to raise enough money to send at least two children to school for a year. Anything raised above that will go towards the RHFH Center and their needs. 100% of the money you donate will go towards this goal. I've added a "Donate Here" Paypal button to my blog page. All donations made there will be sent straight to RHFH. You can also make donations in person if you wish, or you can go straight to the RHFH page and click on the "Donate" button on the right side of their page. Above all, please pray for RHFH and the children they serve. What they do is not easy. Together I know we can give at least two children an incredible chance that not all children in Haiti have. We can send them to school! Will you help?