Friday, July 23, 2010

my playlist

It makes me laugh. You see, I like songs with a good beat. I can't walk to slow music. But I like any type of music with a good beat. I set my ipod to shuffle and go. It's not rare for me to hear Boom Boom Pow and then Live Life Loud :) It makes me laugh, it keeps me walking, and it takes my mind off of any aches I might be feeling. Music keeps me walking at a good pace. What do you walk to? Any good songs you might recommend?

Onto other news, I'm doing pretty well sticking to the training schedule. I'm really beginning to enjoy the walks. During the week I get a good half hour to myself. I listen to my crazy playlist, walk my tooshie off, sweat out all the bad vibes, and come home feeling great about myself and feeling more healthy than I've felt in a long time! There have been a few times when I've come home feeling very tired and yuck, but for the most part walking is making a difference already! As for the shoes, the knock-off "shape-ups" are a revelation. I've not gotten sore and I can tell a big difference between when I walk in them and when I don't. My booty "bounces" when I don't use them, definitely going to use them! Lol :) Big girls don't bounce needs to be my new motto. Anyway, yeah, the walking is going great. I'm sort of at a loss for the cross-training days but I've been utilizing our Wii Fit Plus for that. The obstacle course, boxing, step, and balance games are my favorite. I feel the burn on the "marching band" step game, that thing is LONG!

I've also been trying to watch what I eat. We got a lot of fresh fruit at Sams the other day and that has been my snack throughout the day. Feels good to have some more healthy options in the house :) Scott has been incredible throughout this change. He is very encouraging and supportive. I love that.

Other than that, our summer has been fairly quiet. I'm still working on school stuff, haven't had a break since December so I'm ready for this December, lol :) We haven't started our homeschool back up yet, that will come after VBS this year. We are planning a day trip to Six Flags soon, but we're going to surprise the boys with that :) They will love it. Last time we went they were not really sure about it, but now that they've been they are ready to go back. So, we've had a nice quiet summer, how has your summer been??