Wednesday, June 11, 2008

come get your study on!

Allrighty fellow Siestas... it's time get our study on! Beth Moore is going to be hosting a new Bible study through her blog that looks really really good! I've never done a blog-o-study (my word :) ) before but I can't wait to try it out! This study will be done with about 1000 other Siestas that can't wait to dive into the Word together and pull out some meat! The study we're doing is "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter. It's about confronting modern day idols and learning how to put God first above everything else. (including Gray's... oh dear) I'm hoping to get a group together to study on Tuesday mornings. If you're in the Abilene area and don't allready have a group, let me know! We'd love to have you! We're looking at meeting in kid-friendly places so that no one has to worry about childcare. All the details for the study can be found here. Even if you can't join up in a group, sign up to be an e-mail buddy with someone! Something tells me this is a study none of us will want to miss. I can't wait to see how God changes me through this study!