Tuesday, June 3, 2008

do you hear the sound?

The sound of the beach is calling my name! Yes friends... my happy little toes will be digging into the sand of the beaches of South Padre Island in two days. We're going on a much needed vacation with my folks. Leaving Thursday morning and coming home Sunday night. Four glorious days of sand, waves, and fun. No chores, no laundry, no fuss... just relaxing and hanging out with my favorite people on earth. This will be our the first family vacation we've taken in a loooooooong time! The first for my little family of four. The boys are thrilled to be going to the beach. I have never been to the beach, never seen the ocean, never gathered shells by the shore. I'm over the moon excited! I can NOT wait! Tomorrow we'll be at mom and dads and then early Thursday morning we'll be headed for the coast. Please pray that God gives us a smooth ride and gets us there safely. I won't have a way to blog. All things techno (minus cell phone & camera) will remain at home. I'm taking me a few good books & scrappin magazines, and plan on spending as much time relaxing and tossing the boys in the ocean as I can. :)

South Padre here we come!


Nancy said...

Oh Padre Island. How fun. It's been a while, but I've been there and it was beautiful. I pray you have a blessed trip as you enjoy God's beauty!
In Him,

judy works said...

What fun woman! I love South Padre - you will have a blast. I will be praying for safety for you guys. Blessings, Judy.