Sunday, June 29, 2008

nothing fair about it

Today I celebrated my 29th birthday. I was surrounded by my favorite people in the world and we had a great time! I will tell you more about it later. Tonight I want to ask you for prayer. On my heart is this story. I don't understand the struggles some people have to go through. I don't understand why I'm blessed with so much while others simply don't have enough to keep their children alive and healthy. It breaks my heart. My oldest son has prayed for little Liberson many times this week. Liberson did not make it. It breaks my heart. Please pray for the people who work at the Rescue Center. I do not know them, but I do know they are amazing people who work for One boss. Through their stories and updates I know how much of their hearts they give these children. My boys have had allergies all week. Runny noses and slight fevers are what I've dealt with. I can't imagine what Licia and her family have dealt with. They are amazing in my eyes and they are deep on my heart tonight. Please remember to pray for them. And for the three little ones who didn't make it. Including little Liberson.