Saturday, September 27, 2008

do you hear howling?

If so, it's cause the Wolves put the hurt on! Lol. :) We have become football people. Yes, I fit well into the role of "football mom". David started flag football two weeks ago and today was their first game. The Wolves (our team) - vs - the Bulls. Although there is not an official score, let me assure you, our Wolves and their 6 touchdowns did a mighty fine job! David was unsure of what to do or how to play, but his coach found a job that suited him VERY well. The boy is a snapper. I want you to know, he snapped that ball straight into the hands of the quaterback every time! He is a natural. Each time the team "scored", he was on the snap. We parents were all unsure how the kids would do because this is each childs first year to play, first game, and they'd only had 2 practices. But boy did those kids play their little hearts out! And oh man are they serious about their football now. I see why football is so major in Texas. I'm so stinkin proud of the way David played today! He did everything exactly how his coach asked him to and he delivered when he needed to. He even managed to gain his team 5 yards by running the ball on one play. Friday night football may be huge in this awesome state, but I think I'm really going to enjoy me some Saturday afternoon football for a while. :) Here are some pics from Mr. Snappers first game:

the huddle - David is the short one

lining up - David is on the left

first snap of the game (David is in the white jersey), and oh yes, that's a "play holder" on the boys arm.