Monday, September 1, 2008

hot pepper jelly

Okay. I tried something new. I found a recipe online for Hot Pepper Jelly that I HAD to try. It is H-O-T!!! I don't like spicy foods so I won't keep any of it, but of course had to taste it last night. Wow. It's good, but durn. Take it in small doses if you're not used to Texas jalepeno hot!

So I'm thinking these will make fabulous Christmas gifts once I get them dressed up with some raffia, ribbons, and fabric, BUT, what I would love to do with this first batch is help out a friend. Licia and her family run a medical clinic and Rescue Center in Haiti. Over this past year God has really burdened us for the children at the center. The men and women that serve there are nothing short of amazing. Currently they are raising funds to ship a semi trailor of supplies to Haiti, as well as raising funds for many of the children there to attend school. I would love to sell these jars of jelly and send the money to Licia for the center. So, here's the deal: I'm selling the jelly for $6 a jar (they are 8oz jars), plus $3 to ship them. $1 from each jar will help cover the supplies to make the jelly, so $5 from each jar will go straight to the Rescue Center. I will sell as many jars as I get orders for, so there's no limit. :) If you'd like a jar please e-mail me at with your complete address and I will send you our PayPal information.

PS - Please note that these are all home-made and may have a slightly different taste than storebought. Most are a bit sweeter. Also, after shipping it helps to put the jelly in the fridge before using it to help it firm up. Sometimes the heat from shipping it causes it to loosen a bit. I haven't had issues with the seals popping though so you can eat it as soon as you get it, just if you want it to thicken, put it in the fridge. :)