Sunday, September 7, 2008

please please pray

Hurricane Ike hit Cazalle, Haiti hard. This is where the Rescue Center I've mentioned is located. Please please pray for Licia, the workers, and the children. I can't even imagine being in that situation. And please pray for Licia's sister Lori, their home is pretty much a total loss due to the flood waters getting so high. It is a mess. People have died. There has been little rest at the center. They were allready facing a water shortage and damage from Hanah, and now Ike has hit and left much much more destruction and loss. Go here for the full story. And please, please pray for the people of Haiti.

****** UPDATE ******

This is an update from Licia's blog - please continue to pray for the center. Right now there is no water line, no water reserves, and very VERY limited supplies. Please pray for God to move in a mighty way and help keep these children and family safe and healthy.

**It is beginning to rain here again.

**Reports on Haitian radio is 46 dead from the river here.

**They were three men that tired to cross the river up higher than our village and the river washed one of them down, a father of 5 children. They pulled the father out and laid him out front for several hours until the family came to retrieve the dead body. We learned that hurricane Hanna damaged his house this past week. He walked 6 hours down the mountains to try and find some work to feed his family. He knew it rained a lot last night and told his friends he was worried about his wife and kids. He was trying to get to them when he was killed. One of the volenteers here J.L. is going to be working on raising funds for his casket.

**A family here in Cazale was trying to get out of their house last night and the water washed the mother and two children away. They found the mother about 1/2 a mile down the road hanging onto a bananna tree. They have not found the two children.

**The water line is NOT going to be fixed anytime soon.

**The foot bridge washed out, the water line ran across the foot bridge.

**There was a man that got his house washed away that follows in the clinic. He has a catheter in. The water washed away his house and ripped out the catheter. He got here today with a very swollen bladder, no catheter and no clothes. He was raising his hands thanking Jesus when we got it in and relieved his suffering. I got some stuff from Enoch’s closet and we got him dressed.

**We had a child die last night in the middle of everything, Herode. It was a challenge to get him buried today.

**My two volunteer’s were great last night. They helped me out SOOOOO much and I truly do not know what I would have done without them. When someone tells you “give me something to do, no job is to dirty for me” you know they are ready to help.

**I was scared last night, really scared. Some of the ladies were screaming, yelling and crying as they were so worried about their families. We had to calm them and get the children to safety.

**Amos, Henley and Trey did not know what was happening. They just thought it was cool they got to play in the middle of the night with so many babies.


Anonymous said...

Hey! How are things? Sorry, it's been forever. Things have been crazy busy where I am.

So, how are you?

I'm praying for your friends hit by the hurricane.