Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have been...

... on this durn computer all day. Literally ALL stinkin day. I have found some terrific deals on Ebay. Deals that if I win, I will have a HUGE jump start on a decision we've made. Not ready to tell that yet. Still letting God reconcile my head to my heart before we jump into telling anyone. It's a secret between God and us and I actually like it like that. For now anyway. (no, before you jump, we are NOT preggers. God's not mean like that, lol!) Anyway, so I've been on the computer all day and I need to get up and DO something but first I wanted to share with you a Kohl's sale. Yep, I love some Kohl's. I won't be shopping because of the above mentioned Ebay deals, BUT you can shop and save an additional 15%, even on clearance items! The sale is online only and begins at 7:00 pm EST tonight! (Sat March 13th) You'll need to enter the code MIDNIGHT 15 when you checkout to get the extra % off. Happy shopping friends!