Friday, March 27, 2009

the last day

Last night I prayed that today would be easier on us than I was anticipating. I knew it was going to be hard pulling away from school for the last time and I was prepared for tears. From me, not David. I asked God for a (another) clear sign that homeschool was the right thing. Lo and behold, he came through in an unforseen way. David woke up with a 103 fever this morning. No going to school. I'm claiming this as my clear sign that the boy should be at home. We did go an formally withdraw him at the school office and went by a few special teachers and said our goodbye's. Then we ventured to his classroom to say goodbye to his fellow students and gather his belongings. In the end it was a sweet half hour of closure for us. We both needed to walk through and say goodbye and also to thank God for ending one season while beginning another. David did not cry the whole time, and to my surprise neither did I. We were able to spend some special time with David's kindergarten teacher as well as the librarian. Both have been instrumental in getting David to this point. David was also able to say goodbye to his friend Ryan, although we will for sure be seeing Ryan again in the future. :) It was the moment we needed. The closure we needed.

Now it's time to enter the crazy adventure of homeschooling and I could not be more excited. David either. Right now we've allready started his first science project. We're growing sea monkies for him to look at under his new microscope on Tuesday. Monday will be spent at the library checking out books on the Alamo, then we'll begin our unit on the Alamo and Texas History. We're going to San Antonio on vacatio in June and so David will be learning about all the places we're going to visit. I can't wait to hear him say, "hey, I read about that in my lesson" when we go. :)

So even though it's been a bittersweet day, I'm praising God for the sweet goodbye and for the clarity. It's exactly what my worrysome heart needed.


Anonymous said...

I about cried with joy when I read this post! I am so happy for your family that yall be able to receive the wonderful blessings that homeschool brings. Thanks be to God for this memorable day and to the wonderful new journey your family is now embarking on.