Monday, June 11, 2007

catching up

So my goodness it's been a few days since I've blogged. Guess I gotta catch everyone up! :) Vacation Bible School has begun. This is one of the highlights of my year. I so look forward to getting to goof around, be silly, and help bring Jesus to children who starve for His love. We had a fun fun first day, a little rocky, but our week will only get better. First days are always hard. We only had a handful in pre-school today, but I'm trusting God to remedy that "problem" within a few days. One major excitement for me today was seeing David in with the big kids this year. Wow. He had so much fun! He's with one of his best friends and man did he come alive! I looked back at him several times and his little face was lit up with joy that only comes after you've sung fun songs, learned a bit about Jesus, and lept for the candy being flung through the air. Oh my sweet sweet boy! My other jewel today was seeing my youngest, Daniel, sing and play and have a blast in pre-k with me! He didn't have a cowboy hat like brother, so he wore a Texas Rangers baseball cap and red bandana. It was "cowboy" enough for him. When did they get so big? And why does it seem like the grow the fastest when I can only catch a glimpse of them? It's so hard to believe that David is in Adventure Bay now, and in "big kid" VBS. Well like any busy mom, I forgot to take my camera today and get photos of the boys in action, but I will snag some photos to share tomorrow. We'll be hootin' and hollerin' and takin' us another wild ride through God's word and I'm sure I'll have ample chance to get pics of my sweets beltin' out a YEEEE-HAA!! or two. :) (our VBS is western themed this year)

Please remember to keep my friend Chrissy in your prayers. She is headed overseas for a mission trip. I am praying that God use this trip to impact her life in a major way, and that she come back with a passion on fire for God. And hopefully we'll get to see some amazing pictures when she gets back!!