Wednesday, June 6, 2007

praise Him

What is God teaching me today? Praise. Why? Who cares. We all have something to praise God for no matter what stage or place in life we are. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today, no big reward or spectacular news. Just another plain old day in my life. But today I was given an overwhelming feeling to praise God. I turned up the tunes, grabbed my hairbrush/microphone, and belted out my favorite praise songs singing only for Him and loving every minute of it. Isn't that just like our sweet sweet Lord? Even when we're doing something for Him, He still blesses us with it. My favorite praise song is one that I fell in love with last at the Women of Faith conference in Dallas last August. I had heard it before on the radio, but when I heard it sung at the conference and participated in the worship that flowed from it, it struck a new cord in my heart. Everytime I hear it I just can't get my hands high enough or my smile big enough. It epitomizes to my why I praise my Lord. If your toes don't tap, something might just be wrong with you. :) I hope you enjoy "my" song and feel free to bust out of your seat and sing and dance in worship to our God. Cause sistahs, He is good!