Tuesday, January 8, 2008

the boys' got a new passion

David has begun karate and he loves it. This was only second night, but he already feels like he can do a few "power ranger" kicks. :) He is so stinkin cute in that uniform! And the boy is serious about his stuff. He holds out his arms for me to lift him into or out of the van so as to not even tempt the dirt to jump on his pristine white uniform. He walks slowly so as to not stir up any dirt. :) And he refuses to sit with the uniform on. Very smart child! His kick is good his teacher says, he just needs to not be afraid of the board. This was only his second day and the teacher asked if he wanted to kick the board and break it. David was worried it would hurt and so didn't do it, however another student did and was allowed to take the broken board home with him. WOW. That's all it took. The boy is going to get me a broken board. LOL! He's very serious. He wants a broken board, and he wants it badly now. I think he's even dreaming about karate! I'm so glad he is having a good time. When mom and I first talked about it I was a little worried that he might not really get it or like it that much, but he's in love and I know how to tie a "fortune cookie" knot in his sash, so we're good for it. :) Here are a few pics of my boy in his uniform. Even tried to get you an action shot! Enjoy.


Shonda said...

So cute! Those little ones are precious and need an organized activity for them to release their energy. Glad to see your family is well now!

Blessings in Christ--

Bev Brandon said...

don't think twice about it...just jump in with your good two feet and i know you will! so glad david is better!!! send me your e-mail address