Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what was it like?

Do you even wonder what it was like for Mary? To see her son grow into a man most people hated? To see Him go from place to place proclaiming the truth, healing the people, teaching and speaking the very words of God and yet still having to "prove" himself everywhere he went? We're studying Matthew in BSF this year and with every chapter we dive deeper into Jesus work on earth, and with each chapter we see stronger and stronger opposistion to his ministry. I keep wondering what it must have been like for Mary to witness her son going through all of this. It must have gotten scary at times. It must have gotten frustrating at times. And surely it must have been heartbreaking at times. As a mother I wonder how much I'd be able to see my sons go through in the name of Christ. Could I be as strong as Mary was? What was it like for her? What emotions did she go through? What would it be like to see your son go through so much? And what would it be like to know that you couldn't stop it? I have more thoughts forming, but I want to hear from you all. What do you think it was like for Mary? As parents, what do you think you would have felt seeing your child go through these things? Put yourself in Mary's place - what do you feel?


Shonda said...

I dont like it when I see my son's struggle with troubles. I wonder with my personality if I would of been over there saying, "Dont speak to my Son like that! Don't you know who He is?" I dont know how I'd feel as Mary. This I do know, God gives us the grace to deal with the situations each of us have to face. She had the grace of God on her life to deal with it, though it be difficult.

BTW-I'm glad you're feeling better. I know I feel better when my house is clean. :)

Blessings in Christ--