Wednesday, January 16, 2008

formula for haiti

I have a sweet friend, Carly, (Debra's daughter) who has an amazing story. Please go visit her site by clicking here and see what God would have you do.

Carly if you're reading this - I am so tremendously proud of you! Your mission and your incredible heart brings a smile not only to my heart, but also to God's. You are one amazing young lady!


Leigh Gray said...

would go to my blog and leave a message for Donald?? tell your readers to do the same. thanks!!!

Shonda said...

What a precious child to want to help others for her birthday. No selfishness there. She has such a beautiful heart! And she's raising funds for such a worthy cause.
Thanks for sharing this Jen.

Blessings in Christ--

NLuvWHIM said...

Hey it's NLUVWHim from The Bar-NOne Cowboy Church...where are you...We are in Henderson, Texas. Wasn't it wonderful to see all of the siestas!!! Love it. Can't wait to talk to you...My name is Amy.