Sunday, June 29, 2008

when your heart hurts...

God will fill it with joy! I was sad last night, sadder when I told David about little Liberson. Today however we prayed for God to fill us with joy and praise. That is exactly what happened. It was my turn in Jr. Church today and our lesson was about praise. I had an hour filled with plans to sing, play, praise, and play some more. 40 kids, 4 adults, and 2 teens shook their tails and raised their hands to the Lord in praise this morning. I actually happen to think we made some of the angels shake it as well! Certainly the Lord smiled and sang along with us as we "got up, got up, got up and told the world"! The morning was filled with song, smiles, hugs, laughs, and happy squeals. The sounds all children should get to make at church. :) We even had a few rounds of "beach-ball-dodge-ball". A unique game made up by the teens helping us today. Those guys are awesome! And yeah, I'm glad they were beach balls. :) My boys have not stopped smiling. Especially David. On the way home today he told me that he was going to not be sad about Liberson. He was going to praise God that Liberson could be with Jesus now and wouldn't be sick anymore. That was it. That was the cherry on top of a perfect sunday. My heart is full of joy. My head is full of 40 kids singing and jumping in unison. And you know, I'm totally cool with that. :)