Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I'm feeling rather blah. After having the flu for almost a week, and taking care of two fluish boys for the same week, we're now stuck in the house because we're on the second day of ice ice baby. Yeah, I know, lame. But like I said, I'm feeling blah. :) We will probably get out of the house this afternoon. We've been cooped up for a week and we've all got cabin fever. But I did manage to get my house cleaned today. School is going well. I'm regretting having chosen to take English and Philosophy at the same time. I should have tried a different combination, but hey, I'm making it. Glory to God, I'm making it. Today we did a little "home-school" work because the boys have missed so much school. Including these two weather days, Dano has missed 6 days and David has missed 4. So we sat down for an hour and did some spelling, reading, and math. David was all into it, Daniel kinda tried to wimp out on me after 45 minutes. But we plugged through. Made me feel like we could actually homeschool and it would be okay. I'm still nervous that I wouldn't be patient enough, or that I wouldn't be a good enough teacher. Homeschool is something we pray earnestly about. I feel like it's what God wants, but I have zero confidence in myself as a teacher. I don't want to mess up my children's education. I know several people who homeschool and it works great for them. What is the secret? How does it work so easy? Were you afraid when you took the plunge? What happens if it doesn't work out? How do you know your child will graduate High School? Will all the work you've done at home be negated if you don't use an accredited curriculum? Questions questions. Help me homeschool moms. Help me. Please. I beg of you. I think I'm driving myself crazy here.

So yes, today I'm feeling blah about much. What are you up to today?


Big Country Home Educators member-Abilene TX said...

If you feel God wants you to homeschool then all that other stuff you worry about is null and void. Have enough faith in your Father to not lead you down the wrong path and hurt you or your children. Sometimes God puts things on our hearts that we feel uneasy about to test our faithfullness to him. If you feel a nudge, go for it with all your might and don't worry about it. Trust in the Lord with all your might and take the leap, take the risk.
Now as I homeschooler I will tell you that you do not have to have a certain curriculum to graduate high school or to get into college. Colleges actually prefer homeschoolers because they are more disaplined and well rounded students. It takes a few years to get the hang of it and know which curriculum works best for you and your family. I highly recommend My Father's World as a curriculum that is Bible based, full of enrichment, academics and easy on the parent. All your lesson plans, down to what to say are there for you in the teacher's manual. It is "idiot proof" as some might say.
Don't worry about if YOU can do it, know in your heart that GOD CAN do it if he is calling you to homeschool. As Christians we ever so gently nudged at times by the Lord to do something that we feel is a mistake or wrong or impossible. At times like these, it is the most important to hold your nose, tuck your knees in and JUMP! Put all your faith and trust in Him and all will be well. It is a test of faith.........don't fail.