Friday, January 16, 2009


Well friend I'm having issues with my camera. :( But I did want to update everyone on my weight loss status. I have not had a soft drink in over two weeks! A few days were really hard to get through, but I haven't given in. And honestly it's so much easier now to just drink water or sprite. And, drumroll please..... I have lost 8 pounds in the last two weeks! Now mind you that's not all from abstaining from soda. I have been walking more and being more active. I've also replaced my snacks with healthier options. I think the main reason this has been fairly easy for me is because God is going along with me. I can't do anything without His strength and I'm overjoyed that He's walking right along with me. :) As soon as I can get my camera to download pics I'll be updating you with pics. For now let's just send some praise upward for the 8 pounds that are no longer weighing me down! And pray with me that more of those little suckers decide to jump ship! :)