Monday, December 31, 2007

emergency room first

Well, this morning we reached a new first with David. He woke up around 2:30 this morning with a 102 fever. So I gave him tylenol and he laid on the couch and slept again. All is good, I went back to bed. That was until 9:30 this morning. Biggest boy woke up with a temp of 105.6. Total freak out. Clothes were flying, dad was getting cold rags, I was running for more tylenol and water, and David was miserably slumped on my bed. So after about 15 min of no temp change, I in my pj's and David in his slippers drove to the ER. Thank goodness my mom is more level headed than me. I called her right before we left the house and of course began bawling almost immediately. (bawling is apparently a nervous tick of mine these days). So mom came and met me at the ER and stayed with us the whole time. At the ER they gave him some motrin that had his fever down in about 2 hours. He was giggling and laughing and having himself a good old time by the time the Dr. finally made it in. He has a virus. Didn't even need a prescription. Talk about relief. He's had high fevers before, but never that high. So we got some instructions about how much and why kind of OTC medications to give him and were sent on our way. Now I know I could feel like an idiot for rushing to the ER like that, but all I feel is gratefullness. When I saw that temp on the thermometer I panicked. Doctor's have always told us that anything over 105 is B-A-D bad, and this was well over. I am so thankful that he wasn't terribly sick with the flu or phneumonia or anything like that. Today I am thankful for a virus which will eventually get us all sick. Am I crazy? Maybe. But at least my baby isn't dealing with anything too serious! Thank you Lord for keeping David safe from all the germs that seem to be floating around wherever we go. And thank you for letting my mom come with us and keep me calm. And thank you Lord for the insurance that we have for the boys, I don't what we'd do without it.

So for the first trip to the ER for both David and I, I think we get an A+. And some McD's! And we'll be sending up some praise for this virus. Just a virus. Nothing else. Praise the Lord!