Saturday, December 1, 2007

Click to play Season's Best from Dano
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Kristin said...

Hi Jen! You posted a comment on my blog awhile back and I wanted to come over and say thanks. Sorry I've been a lamo blogger lately, I meant to comment back much sooner! I wasn't able to view this slideshow, but from the other pictures, your boys are so precious! I'm so glad you are enjoying BSF. I love it! This is my 8th year and actually the last study for me to complete! I so love the children's program and was actually a children's leader the year I was pregnant with my twins. This is their first year to go. They are 3, and when they come home they play BSF together. It is precious. It is amazing to me what they are able to teach the children in this program. I think The Life of Moses was my favorite study if I had to pick, but they are all so good. Come back and visit sometime! Enjoy your day of worship tomorrow with your family!

Heather said...

So cool! I may have to try that!

Bev Brandon said...

i only got cool music, no slideshow...merry christmas this week