Monday, December 3, 2007

gifts for the family - updated with pics

So each year we struggle with what to get extended family for Christmas. There are many in our family which means many gifts. And even though we love them very much, it can get costly at the holidays. So we try to find items that we know they will appreciate that also show them we care. This year I'm trying something new. I have taken a few really great photos of the boys and am dabbling in framing/matting my favorite shots. So when hanging these beauties around my house, the idea hit me. What if the extended family got something like this for Christmas?? Giving pictures of our kids is kinda cheesy, I know, but these are black & whites that are matted and framed and look really nice. (I think). This is where you all, my sweet blogging friends come into the equation. I need your opinion. Being a grandmother/cousin/or brother/sister in-law, would you enjoy getting something like this?

Updated with pics: some will be in 8x10 frames, others will be in 5x7 frames. What do ya'll think?


Shonda said...

I dont know if it's cheesy or not. I give my husband's grandmother some nice photos and framed snap shots every year. She says she appreciates it. She doesnt get to see our children on a regular basis. However, she had to move out of her large house and into a retirement housing which is an apartment. Now she doesnt have the space to put things. This year I was thinking of the digital photo frames that rotates the photos.

Blessings in Christ--

jen said...

Oh man! I love the idea of the digital frame!

Heather said...

Not cheesy at all! I do the same thing ... we do a photo book of the years pictures for my mom and jeremy's mom. all of us are picture lovers and it's the perfect gift for them as they don't have all the pictures I have. I also do the mat and frame route and I've also taken my favorite pictures of the boys with them and will frame with a verse about grandparents at the bottom. LOVE PICTURES ... can you tell

Shonda said...

Hey stopped back by and saw the photos with frames. Those are precious and I would definitely think those will make some great gifts!!!

I saw some digital photo frames yesterday at Wal-mart. They are kind of pricey. Just depends on how much storage space I guess.

I love what you've done and you take great pics!

Blessings in Christ--