Friday, December 28, 2007

turning 6

Well it's happened. The boy turned 6 Wednesday. Where did the time go? 6 years have flown by. I have seen him grow from my sweet sweet baby into my amazing boy. Bittersweetness is what I feel looking at him now. He is growing up, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. There are so many moments I wish I could have stopped time for. He changed my life. I know most people sometimes just say that to say it, but in my case it is true. He not only changed it, he saved it. I look back and can't believe some of the circumstances I was in before he came into my life. I have to give all the glory to God for sending me this angel. I would have never known Christ had this boy not interrupted my life. I would have been a totally different person right now. Someone that I now would never have even recognized. But God knew even when I didn't that it was time. Time for me to become His, time for my life to radically change, time for me to become what God wanted me to become. I know it's a lot to put on the birth of a child, but if you had known me before David, you would know as I do that this kid changed every part of my life. There was nothing untouched. God used that moment in my life to shake me to my core and bring me to my knees. And now this boy is 6.

6 years of learning and being taught by this boy.

6 amazing years of loving on this boy, even after he started pulling away from hugs and kisses.

6 years of hearing "kiss and a hug!" being chanted from his room at bedtime.

6 years of seeing those amazing blue eyes light up.

6 years of wiping away "boo-boo" tears.

6 years of seeing his smile light up my world.

6 years of being his mommy.

6 years of tucking him in at night.

6 years of re-tucking him in after he's pulled off all his blankets.

6 years of searching high and low for "tenny-bear".

6 years of finding Tenny right where he should be - under the pillow.

There have been so many ups and downs these past 6 years. Our family has gone through so many things. But David is always constant. Always there to hug or hold. Always there to hold my hand. Always there to give a smile or tell a funny joke. Always there to brighten up any day with just the twinkle in his eyes. He is an amazing son. My heart is over filled with the joy he brings me each day. I love this boy with everything in me. And there are not enough thank you's on the earth to express my gratitude to God for this amazing miracle. I can not imagine my life without him.

Happy Birthday my biggest boy.