Sunday, February 3, 2008


I can feel it welling up. The past few weeks have been filled with inner excitement. God is breaking through. To any of you that have ever been on the precipace of God's movement in your life, you know what I'm feeling. Excitment courses through me. Today I felt like I was literally going to jump out of the pew and shout praises to God right in the middle of church. Lol, restraint is definatly a Godly gift. But it's exciting! God is beginning a new journey, a new work in me. I get giddy with anticipation just thinking about what plans God may have for me. I have received a few questions as to why I posted the post "she". Some people don't understand why I told my story so openly. Well, it's simple. It wasn't for you. It wasn't even for me. It was something God wanted me to do. As I was typing it out I knew many would not understand why I'd post something like that out in the open for all to see. But I never for a moment paused about posting it. It was such a freeing move. Recently I have been asked by a young woman if I really believe that God forgives all sins. She asked me if there was anything in my past that I'd done that I felt like God would not forgive me for. When I told her I knew God has forgiven all my sins, she simply said "I guess it's easy to know you're fogiven when you've lived such a good life". It really hit me hard. She didn't know my past, didn't know the depths of sin I'd gone to, and most off all didn't know the freeing beauty of Christ reaching in and pulling me out. I think as Christians, we sometimes tend to take for granted the situations people have been through. And we tend to lose focus of the fact that for each of us that have been pulled from the pit, there are hundreds more still wallowing. And they too need a hand up from the mud. I haven't been able to talk to her again, I am praying for that opportunity. I want her to know that no matter what she's done, God still loves her. And I want others to know that as well. I want others to feel the freedom in Christ I am feeling. I want others to feel the excitement and the movement I am feeling. I want others to feel the love of Christ, just as I have and do. And I want others to realize that being authentic Christians means being open Christians. You can't just talk the talk, you have to get in there and walk the walk. You have to be open not only to God's movement in your life, but also to the lost world. You have to love not only fellow Christians, but also the lost world. To reach them you must be open. And nothing to me is more exciting than being open to God's movement in my life, and being an open book to the world around me. I have been to the pit, I have been pulled out, and I am better for it. And if that's not exciting, check your pulse.


Bev Brandon said...

this post was just full of a precious expectant heart