Friday, February 1, 2008


She is a girl who in high school did well for herself. Good grades, many friends, not "popular" by teenage standards, but knew many and was known. She was in many clubs, she did many things. She loved her life (for the most part). Something in her junior year caused things to change in her. Her senior year was spent searching for more. She didn't find it. She went to college away from family, away from friends, alone. She knew no one and soon became all things to everyone. She changed her likes, her dislikes, her mood, her clothes, she changed depending on where she was and who she was with. She met an older man and hung on for dear life, though she was not faithful. She became a "party girl" and a drinker. She became someone she did not recognize. She followed this man to a new town, quitting school and once again leaving everything she knew. Her life quickly fell apart and 18 months later she was living at home again, with parents who were much more gracious than she ever deserved. She went from bad to worse. This time using more than alchohol and men to fill the void in her life. She moved into another bad situation and once again found her life spiraling out of control. At this point in her life she met another man. One whom she'd decided would fill the void in her life. He was not good for her. She found herself in another situation she never thought she'd be in. She was pregnant and dating an abusive man. She once again became someone she didn't recognize. But this was the turning point in her life. She began to hear a faint whisper in her ear. A gentle tug upon her heart. She realized her searches had come up empty, and yet she was still searching. She was lost. She was abandoned. She was hopeless. She was not ready for the new card her life was dealing her. She couldn't figure out how she'd gotten here. She was lost and desperatly clinging to the wall, trying to get out of the pit.

She was me, minus Jesus.


I know the healing power of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I feel like I know it better than anyone around me. Despite all the bad things I'd done, God loved me enough to drag me up from the pit I'd dug myself into. That life is gone. Those situations are gone. And the most amazing part is that I did nothing to change them. Through His grace, God changed my life. I don't just mean He changed my heart to certain things or He changed my destination (both of which He did do, btw) I mean He CHANGED me. He brought me back from a place I never thought I would be. And He can for you too. I have been to the lowest of the low points. I know what it is like. But the freedom that came with giving God my life and receiving His salvation is unexplainably amazing. You can have that. You can feel that. If you're searching, cry out to Jesus. If you're stuck, cry out to Jesus. If you have no idea how your life turned out the way it did, cry out to Jesus. He came for you. Cry out to Him.

Please watch this video.


Leigh Gray said...

wow girl - God is going to use that!!! thanks for sharing - look deeper into your heart!! awesome and Praise the Lord.

Love, Leigh

Shonda said...

Praise the Lord you responded to His gentle tug. You have a powerful testimony. The Lord will you use to help change others lives!

Blessings in Christ-

Starla said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved the video and the song is so beautiful.

Bev Brandon said...

Mrs Jen

This is Britt, Bev's son. I want to invite you to come to my mom's blog to see what your donation did in the lives of the Thai orphans. Thank you very much for your support and prayers for your orphan. It was greatly appreciated! Britt