Sunday, February 17, 2008

how does the heart manage?

I have begun my ministry blog. God has given me a goal and blogger is the tool that will hopefully help me get there. (you can find the page by clicking the "my ministry blog" link in my links list) I have to laugh when I say hopefully because after the reports from this weekend, I know starting that blog up is allready and will continue to be an amazing part of my calling. What I want to know from you who have begun in this crazy world of womens ministry handle IT with your heart. Let me explain. I recently spent a lunch with some great women who talked about needs in their lives. My heart was so burdened for them, a devotion I'd been struggling with suddenly poured out as I furiously tried to type the words God was giving me to share with them. I hit post and immediatly hit my knees in prayer for the lives it might touch. Being my first post and not many people knowing about it, I didn't think I'd get many comments or repsonses. But if I ever needed a sign that the move I was making was withing God's plan for my life, I got it. And my heart is FILLED to the brim with so many emotions I'm not sure it can hold them all. A woman came up to me and hugged me, telling me how deeply the devotion had touched her. When she pulled away with tears streaming down her face, I was taken aback. It was the first time someone had come straight to me and told me what God had done to them through what He'd done through me. I can't get her tear filled eyes out of my mind. I am constantly affirming to myself that THAT is why I am doing this. Regardless of knowledge, education, experience, etc. I am doing this #1 because God has called and I am willing, and #2 because there are women like her out there that need to hear from God in whatever way He chooses. I wanted to dig deeper and peel apart exactly what it was that touched her, or just get deep into some prayer with her but I let the moment sink in instead and just held her hand. I honestly couldn't tell you which one of us received the bigger blessing. In the past few days I have cried, prayed, questioned, praised, and done it all more than once over that moment. I want more of those moments. Most of all, I want the women I reach out to to have more of those moments. My goal was and is to reach out in such a way that would bring glory to God, and Christ to others.

So, share with me. What do you do at moments like this when words fail because they simply wouldn't be enough? How does your heart manage all the emotions that come flooding in after such piercing moments? Do you ever forget that first woman coming to you to simply say thank you? What are your stories? Encourge a fellow Siesta. :)


*~Annette~* said...

I can't imagine beginning a ministry. Children's Choir was a ministry, but it was always so much fun for me. I had lots of experience, but never really wanted it to be "my ministry"... to get paid for it. It was fun just for free. I've been personally feeling like I should WRITE... but not devotions. I'm still seeking the answer to that.

Keep working on your ministry. Once the newness wears off... then the real hard work begins! And the real rewards. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't offended that I'm a guy. Apparently God wanted me to be... Lol!

I think stepping out in faith to obey God's will is absolutely awesome, so congrats on the new steps, and I'll be sending some prayers your way.

I just purchased my ministry website a few weeks ago, and I have it set up, I just really don't know where to start. Ya know??? It's like there is so much I want to say, but I have no idea where to begin...

Anyways, take care!