Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am jumping for joy right now. I just purchased tickets for my mom and myself to go to the Living Proof Live event/Siesta Fiesta in August in good ole' San Antonio!!!! YEAH baby! We're also attending the Women Reaching Women Fully Loaded conference that will take place the day before the Beth Moore event. Can you say FUN STINKIN WEEKEND???? Anyone else going? Gimme a shout out! We'll meet up. Shonda and Bev... I wanna meet you girls SOOOOO bad! Tell me you're going! :) Debra are you coming to the Siesta Fiesta??? Anyone else?? I want to meet me some Siestas! Ole!


Shonda said...

Hey Jen!!! Yeah!!! I plan to attend both those events!! Yeah!!

I hope to take a trip to the DFW area in the next few months. If so, I'll pass thru your town.


Blessings in Christ--

debra said...

I won't be there but you guys have a great time!