Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Oh y'all. This girl just made fudge for the very first time. It smells divine! I'm secretly praying that manna tastes like this fudge smells. Wow. I can't wait for it to set so I can try it! Lol. Pics to follow, of course. So tell me... what is your favorite holiday treat? What one thing do you save until Christmas time to make? Any special holiday traditions?

Growing up my parents and Grandmother would have a Christmas Eve get together. There would be fudge, my moms cheese rolls, cookies, and other sweets. It always seemed so magical to me. I think they were probably wrapping all our gifts and maybe putting together a bike or two, but when we were young we had no clue. I love thinking of our childhood Christmases. They were full of family, fun, and food. We hope to bring the same feeling of joy to our kids as they grow up. Above all, we hope to share the joy of Christ with our boys. I love reading the real Christmas story to the boys before they go to bed on Christmas Eve. For our family, that's our tradition. We started it a few years ago and it's quickly become my favorite part of the holiday. We spend so much time going and visiting family, that those few moments when we can slow down, remember Christ, and pray together as a family are the most cherished.

What special moment of Christmas do you cherish?


The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

I love it when my boys get me a poinsetta, it's their special mom gift (tradition) that they know I love. We used to give my mom one too! Great job on the fudge!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady